Overview of Truth About Cellulite

Product Name:                                          Truth About Cellulite
Commonly Known As:                              Naked Beauty
Author’s Name:                                         Joey Atlas
Default Format:                                         Digital eBook
Hard Copy:                                                 Available with Extra Charges
DVD Version:                                              Available with Extra Charges
Delivery Method:                                       Instant Download
Product’s Discounted Price :                   $49.95
Guarantees:                                                60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Bonuses:                                             6 Free Bonuses offered

Truth About Cellulite Review

nakedbeautyCellulite is a painful, irritating and embarrassing skin condition which itself is enough to tarnish and ruin your body’s natural beauty. Since the problem is quite common, doctors and scientists have done various researches and experiments to find permanent solution to treat cellulite. However, you still need to be very careful when you decide to try something for elimination of ugly cellulite on your skin. Go online and search for cellulite treatment, you will find 100s of products if not thousands an here is one such solution called Joey Atlas’s Truth About Cellulite Program aka Naked Beauty. Keep on reading to see a detailed review Truth About Cellulite before you give it a try.

What Is Truth About Cellulite?

If you are a victim of cellulite sufferings and want to get rid of this embarrassing condition, this review of Truth About Cellulite might help you get natural, permanent and complete solution as it is a natural cure which has been discovered by Joey Atlas.

  • Joey has designed this program to follow for 28 days.
  • Truth About cellulite has been released in form of a digital ebook as well as in form of Hard Copy and DVD.
  • Joey has given step-by-step explanation for everything which enables the users to follow each and every step with ease.
  • The exclusive exercises have been included in the program, which have to be followed by the cellulite sufferer to allow proper circulation of blood in body.
  • The exercises are chosen to improve physical appearance of those skin areas which are mostly ruined because of cellulite.
  • The exercises can be performed indoors and there is no need to join a gym for performing these exercises.

This program works as your personal trainer and the suggested unique and natural techniques strengthen body muscles and they get stronger and healthier protecting skin cells and tissues get damaged.

What Will Truth About Cellulite Offer You?

The users get the following items and routine.

Natural Cure

  • The digital system contains necessary information, ideas to improve physical appearance, guidelines to improve lifestyle and ideas to find complete cure and relief.
  • Most of the people want to follow natural treatment methods because of zero side effects and this is what makes Joey’s program suitable for everyone.


  • The floor exercises help you lift, tighten and smoothen the areas of skin on hips as well as upper thighs.
  • To complete a workout session, you just need to spare 2 hours every alternative day.
  • The personal schedule plans for doing workouts in proper way have also been included.


There are exclusive cardio exercises to enhance benefits to the peak rather than doing unnecessary cardio.

Diet Plan

Along with exercises, cardio and living style, you really need to bring few changes in your diet plan and this ahs been planned well by Joey Atlas.

Image & Video Support

There are videos as well as images of the exercises available and both of these features help the users gear up performance.


A lifetime subscription for anti cellulite files and sheets are also offered.


Components of the Program

  1. Online Video Version: The Naked Beauty/Symulast Method
  2. Printable PDF Version: The Naked Beauty/Symulast Method
  3. Printable PDF Version: Personal Naked Beauty – Symulast Schedule
  4. Printable PDF Version: Naked Beauty Cardio Cheat-Sheet
  5. Subscription to eNewsletter: The Cellulite Files (Free for Life)
  6. Cellulite Prevention Schedule & Beauty Maintenance
  7. Anti Cellulite Prevention and Maintenance Cheat Sheet for Life Time
  8. Money Back Guarantee for 60 Days
  9. Online Streaming Bonus Video 1 – Flat Sexy Stomach Routine
  10. Online Streaming Bonus Video 2 – Tightly Toned Arms

Brief Intro to Joey Atlas

Joey PicJoey Atlas is a professional and expert fitness trainer. He did in-depth research to discover health and fitness secrets for women and his contribution towards improving women’ lifestyle has made him very much popular among them. In addition, he has also worked for men to provide them with solutions for their fitness problems.

CONS In Truth About Cellulite Program

  • It may take some time to produce complete results, especially if the condition is really worse.
  • The hard copy and DVDs are available, but they are not available on local stores.
  • Though everything has been mentioned clearly to follow; some users might still find difficulty in performing few exercises because of difficulty level.
  • The shipment charges are to be paid in extra in case of physical product delivery.
  • This program has been designed for women and will not be suitable for men.


  • It is a comprehensive cellulite removal system.
  • The language used in the ebook is simple and easy to understand.
  • It is available in 3 formats: Instant Download, Hard copy and DVD Version.
  • It is wholly based on natural treatments.
  • The results will be visible within a few days of its use.
  • It comes up with 60-day money back guarantee.
  • The bonuses add to the value as well.

Final Words – Is it a Joey Atlas Scam?

Overall, the Joey’s program seems to be a good way for treating cellulite completely and most importantly naturally. The features discussed above are all good and usually required by the buyer of any product. Six free bonuses and money back guarantee for sixty days make Truth About Cellulite an ideal product.

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